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Energy Reform and Management

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Course Overview

The essence of this course is to expose each delegate to how power sector reforms in the electricity sector was implemented in numerous countries in Europe, Asia and Latin American countries. The process for the structural transformation of the power sector could be traced to the united states in the late 70 's with the introduction of the public utility regulatory policy act which allowed for the emergence of IPP's in the USA. 

From that period to date numerous countries in the developed and developing world have implemented one form of reform or the other by allowing for the liberalization of the sector, increased competition and ultimately private ownership. 

The course outline attempts to aggregate the totality of this global experience by discussing the historical foundation of the reform process, it's implementation on a comparative basis in the developed and developing world, lessons to be learnt from these experiences and what is in store in the future. 

In addition, this course would discuss the contemporary managerial technique that is obtained in fully deregulated private sector managed electricity power sector. We would also discuss some of the lessons that developed countries can learn from the managerial experiences of the developed countries and the mistakes to avoid. 

Course Outline

Historical background of the electricity reform 
The historical origins of power sector reforms 
The economics of electric utility 
Restructuring the electricity industry
Phases in the development of the electricity markets 
An introduction to the four phase development model of the electricity model
The franchised monopoly phase
The purchasing agent phase 
The bulk electricity market phase 
Retail competition or customer phase stage
Lessons to learn 
Community Development and Strategic Planning for Reform
Strategic planning tools and techniques for Community Development
Assessing risk for social enterprise business continuity planning 
Planning community policy and strategic communications
Identifying community stakeholders and motivations for engagement 
  Strategic Planning Techniques
Project Based Planning
Privatization and Public Private Partnership
The British electricity power reforms 
The pre privatization power structure
The process of the transformation and privatization of the power sector in Britain
Impact of the reforms and lessons
Energy Reform
Developing a working knowledge of key concepts and ideas in energy management
Analysis of major political institutions and actors involved in the energy politics at the international and national level
A debate on the various aspects of contemporary energy politics including diminishing supplies of affordable energy resources concerns for security of supply and climate change.
Critically analysis of relevant literature, case studies and policies on energy;
Classroom and or group discussions on various theoretical and practical aspects of energy reform
The politics and challenges of steering energy reforms
Comparative experience of power sector reforms globally 
Experience of Latin American countries and Asia
The African experience in power reforms and privatization 
Lessons to learnt 
A comparative analysis of the divestiture strategy for reform and transformation of the power sector
The regulatory framework for power sector reforms
Global trend in electricity sector reform 
Modern managerial trends and techniques in the electricity industry
Contemporary trend in the power sector reform 
Addressing labor issues in power reforms       

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