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A Journey Through a Consultative Sales Model - Lagos

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Request a date - Apr 21 2017Lagos5 days₦ 210,000
Request a date - Aug 25 2017Lagos5 days₦ 210,000

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Course Overview

This course is for new and experienced sales professionals who are determined to apply best practice selling practices at the highest level of consultative, trusted advisor type selling. Every length and complexity of sales cycle is catered for in this course and we take out time to break selling down into all of its component parts and facets, making sure we don’t miss any aspect. We plot the journey from start to finish on paper, flip chart, large wall charts and relevant media so that we can see it, add to it, challenge it, explain it and make it work. We fill every potential gap and cover all potential outcomes and opportunities along the way. We add relevant theory and models as we go along and we dissect and practice all of them through forum discussion and small group and teamwork. this course is detailed, thorough and for those people who believe in the importance of the detail and the theory rather than just broad brush understanding. We’ll use professional actors to bring things to life and we’ll direct them so that we see what we need to see and try things we would like to try. Through this we make it real and relevant to your needs and desired outcomes. There is not another programme like this one and it is a “game-changer” and quite possibly a “life changer”.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

Know, understand and apply a best practice, state of the art consultative sales approach giving them all of the tools, models, theories and approaches needed to build relationships, win sales of any size and value and manage relationships including high level key account relationships. No sale, product or service too small or too large for this approach
Know, understand and apply adapted behaviours, style, tone, pace and body language to all personality and character types so that opportunities to maximise sales success is optimised on every occasion.
Work in sales with quite confidence, carrying an unrivalled bag of tools for success
Achieve maximum impact through a new understanding of purchasing and sales psychology.

Course Outline

How can selling be easy and how can it also be so hard?
What is selling? what can we learn by defining it with care?
What is it that goes wrong? and how do we know when it’s going well?
What are moments of truth and how can we use them to sell?
How can we apply ‘INK’ psychology to help us sell?
What do prospects, customers and clients have the right to expect from us / demand from us?
Selling with RESPECT - breaking the approach down into bite size chunks
Are “sales closing” course really necessary?
A model for life? is it more then just sales?

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