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Achieving Business Result through Sales and Market Management - Lagos

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Request a date - May 19 2017Lagos3 days₦ 126,000
Request a date - Aug 18 2017Lagos3 days₦ 126,000

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Course Overview

This course is ideal for any result orientated organization, which has the desire to increase their market share. The course amongst others will help participants understand the sales process, how to win a client with a better understanding of best practices in marketing.

Course Objectives

Best practices in marketing? Why is it important?
Key marketing concepts and terminology: the marketing mix, understanding the macro and micro environment, SWOT analysis, strategic decisions and tools, the action plan.
The marketing plan and its importance to a business.
How to develop a working marketing plan: the environmental analysis, creating an overview, SWOT analysis, segmentation, strategies, the action plan.
How to prepare your mission statement and vision for the upcoming year.
Discover and define your niche markets.
Develop your value proposition.
Develop and plan your marketing strategy.
Develop your marketing mix.
Create a marketing calendar that contains a month-by-month schedule of marketing activities and events for the upcoming year.

Course Outline

The Role of Marketing Planning
What’s in a marketing plan?
Writing a marketing plan
Summarize the situation analysis and understand the target consumer and market segmentation
Developing marketing objectives and strategies
Developing tactics and implementation plan
Identifying core product/service benefits and differentiators
Understanding the need for and the ability to develop contingency plans
Approaches to formulate budget allocation and build the marketing forecast
Defining how to monitor and manage performance by linking the plan to a marketing scorecard
Communicating the plan to stakeholders and partners
• Taking the plan to the next level

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