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Advanced Business Communication Style - Lagos

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Request a date - Jul 27 2016Lagos3 days₦ 126,000
Request a date - Nov 23 2016Lagos3 days₦ 126,000

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Course Overview

Communication is a skill taken largely for granted, yet it is both fundamental and essential for every successful organisation. Research shows that we transmit a large proportion of our communication messages through our non-verbal channels. So what does your body language say to other people? How can you read the gestures and movements made by others? As a result of attending this course and mastering its techniques you will gain a greater understanding of the power of effective communication by strengthening your skills which operate at the psychological and physiological levels.

Course Objectives

  • Interact with an individual who displays a specific primary communication style.
  • Identify the four types of secondary communication style.
  • Interact with an individual who displays a specific secondary communication style.
  • Identify the types of nonverbal communication.
  • Apply guidelines to establish credibility.
  • Avoid using jargon when building positive relationships.
  • Provide positive verbal feedback in a business scenario.
  • List the steps for providing positive feedback.

Course Outline

Understanding communication

  • Ensuring that our message is put across clearly and effectively.
  • Understand human communication and the way we learn.
  • Putting across our message successfully and influencing others.
  • What makes us individuals - how we process differently.
  • How people listen.

Behavioural skills

  • Reading other people's behaviour.
  • Responding to and influencing other's behaviour.
  • Building rapport for effective relationships.
  • Re-positioning our relations through behaviour.

Putting it into Practice

  • Awareness of how we come across to others.
  • Monitoring and adapting body language.
  • Adapting and maximising our voice-use and speech.
  • Learning powerfully effective talking techniques.

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