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Advanced Coaching and Mentoring Techniques - Lagos

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Request a date - May 19 2017Lagos1 week₦ 126,000
Request a date - Aug 04 2017Lagos1 week₦ 126,000

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Course Overview

In today’s environment of changing technology and evolving organizations, professional mentoring has a strategic impact. It develops people to meet current and future needs. Coaching and Mentoring is an investment that you make in developing your key resource - people - for the long-term benefit of the organization. This coaching and mentoring course is aimed at enabling delegates to understand the processes, which will make them more effective and increase their confidence and sense of achievement in pouring of themselves into others for the longterm benefit of their organisation.

Course Objectives

  • Understand what coaching is and isn't
  • Be able to describe the skills and behaviours that are associated with successful coaching
  • Have profiled your own coaching and development needs
  • Recognise coaching opportunities
  • Challenge the status quo and increase effectiveness
  • Use effective coaching techniques to see a significant improvement in an individual’s performance
  • Be able to plan for, structure and conduct a coaching session
  • Be able to use some of the essential skills and techniques necessary for successful coaching
  • Understand how delegation can be used as a tool for individual and team development

Course Outline

  • Coaching defined
  • Assessment of your coaching capability
  • Coaching action plan
  • Judgmental and behavioural remarks
  • Grow model
  • Coaching style
  • Learning style questionnaire and the learning cycle
  • Learning style task sheet
  • Impromptu coaching
  • Questioning techniques
  • Active listening, Setting SMART objectives
  • Developing and writing a SMART objective
  • Evaluating coaching successes
  • The skills of feedback

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