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Advanced Excel Skills for Finance Managers

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Request a dateLondon 2,750 3,850

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Course Overview

Most Financial Accountants realised that they could further harness the power of Excel if they could have a better handle of its structure, formulas and functions. This is much complicated by the incomprehensive jargon and procedures. This course is therefore directed at the person who needs to use Excel in their everyday job to improve decision-making and productivity.

Course Objectives

Handle Excel’s structure, formulas and functions effectively.
Know how to build a clear and accurate data.
Establish a complex spreadsheet system in the area of finance and business, accounting, banking and insurance.
Understanding the process of spreadsheet consolidation and linking.
Know how Formulae and Functions work.
Find out how to design and create forms using Excel.

Course Outline

Spreadsheet Concept And Structure
Building Basic Formulas
Creating Advanced Formulas
Spreadsheet Calculation Techniques
Spreadsheet Consolidation And Linking
Charting Techniques And Presentation
Auditing And Debugging

E-Reader Included

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