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Auditing and Accounting in a Computer Environment - Lagos

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Request a date - Feb 08 2017Lagos3 days₦ 157,500
Request a date - Aug 09 2017Lagos3 days₦ 157,500

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Course Overview

The course emphasizes the relationship between accounting and information technology. It has been designed to give accountants a head start in their chosen profession. Delegates would be able to enter confidently the role of accounting and audit, computer audit, internal audit, crime prevention and detection, insurance and banking. Most of today’s financial frauds emerge from a computerized environment and so the course emphasizes the relationship between accounting and IT. Delegates will build a capacity to aid in the investigation of potential frauds by developing current technical accounting understanding and practice.

Course Objectives

  • Prepare yourself before you even take call with proper supplies and tools
  • Open a conversation by ideally getting to the phone within 3 rings and identifying yourself clearly and positively, with a friendly "smile in your voice"
  • Listen carefully by focusing carefully on the caller's words, tone, and by avoiding interrupting before the other party has finished speaking
  • Target questions carefully to clarify what is needed from the caller and to quickly provide answers to any problems or issues
  • Clarify a caller''s needs by gentle probing and summarizing helps to quickly appreciate what action is needed, from the call
  • Close involves agreeing on any actions and next steps to be taken and always trying to end on a friendly note with the caller

Course Outline

  • What is audit in a computer environment?
  • Auditing around the computer
  • Auditing through the Computer
  • Auditing with the computer
  • Use of computer of audit automation
  • The computer systems challenges
  • Lack of visible evidence and systematic errors. What to do
  • Controls over audit computers
  • Security and Accuracy (of input, processing and output)
  • Back up of data contained on files, regular production of hard copy; back-up disks held off the premises
  • The internal control over computer based accounting system
  • Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs)

E-Reader Not Included.

*Course fee is not inclusive of VAT

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