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Best Practice in Succession Planning

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Course Overview

This course will show you how to prepare your company for succession by identifying, assessing and developing leadership and talent for future vacancies. You will be enlightened on the benefits of why a company promotes from within. Delegates will also learn how to identify examples of criteria for promoting the right people into leadership and determine the most appropriate methods for your employee’s personal development.

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of succession planning and the fit with talent management programmes
  • Discuss the impact of succession managing on business success
  • Facilitate the decision making process to determine the positions to be included in a succession plan
  • Determine the criteria and processes to identify potential successors
  • Implement processes for retaining and developing identified successors
  • Practice some tools and techniques to enable you to implement effective succession planning
  • Develop a succession planning process that is consistent and aligned with existing organisational processes

Course Outline

  • Outline for setting strategic direction
  • Environmental impact analysis
  • Strategic plan impact analysis
  • Strategic planning checklist
  • Structured Interviews
  • Summary of workforce plan
  • Workforce planning team members
  • Workload assessment (i.e. Employment Status Analysis (permanent, contract, temporary and outsourced)
  • Employee Retention Survey
  • Workforce Analysis
  • Costings analysis
  • Workforce planning readiness checklist
  • Example of Developmental Needs Assessment

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