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Brand Innovation and Product Management

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Course Overview

Good understanding of product management tools is never more essential in the 21st century when embarking on a product or new product development and management. With competitors monitoring your every move, you will learn how to have total command of the most recent product management tools to develop and manage sustainable and profitable product portfolios. This course will be suitable to those interested in pursuing a career in product management or who want to learn more about the field of product development. It will also suit those who want to learn how to effectively work with their product management counterparts, new product development team members and project managers.

Course Objectives

Build a robust brand management strategy for your product(s)
Learn to build and manage your brand equity
Identify and overcome barriers to growth and sustainability
Shape your corporate culture based on the brand for to create a brand inspired culture
Be able to make informed considerations in the launching or acquiring of brands
Develop strategies to sustain brands

Course Outline

Using a phase-gate methodology to guide decisions for new products and enhancements
Distinguishing between linear and non-linear, prototypical approaches to project selection
Screening criteria for prioritizing projects using a practical screening matrix
Conducting industry, market, and competitive assessments
Segmentation and market targeting essentials
Assembling the business case for new product project investments
Applying break-even analysis techniques
Constructing and managing a product master plan
Deriving forecasts and understanding financial implications of variations in volume and price
Establishing conditions and triggers for products after they're launched
Negotiating agreements with functional organizations to assure synchronized participation
Assimilating the plans from functional organizations into the master plan

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