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Building an Effective Training Team

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Start DateVenue1 Week2 Weeks

Request a dateDubai 2,300 3,600
Request a dateDubai 2,300 3,600

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Course Overview

This is a practical course, which will enable participants to encourage members of their team to work co-operatively with others within their own team and with other departments to optimise their collective contribution. The course covers aspects of team dynamics, leadership and group problem solving.

Course Objectives

  • Ensure members of the team understand the team goals or objectives
  • Identify and utilise individual strengths
  • Ensure effective communication between team members
  • Encourage challenges and input from team members
  • Develop mutual trust between team members
  • Involve team members in decision-making
  • Manage team lifecycles proactively
  • Recognise and deal with conflict within the team
  • Provide team members with constructive feedback

Course Outline

  • The Power of a Team
  • The Team Climate
  • Team Roles
  • Team Leadership
  • Team Problem-Solving
  • Personal Development Plan

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