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Building Financial Models with Excel

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Course Overview

When looking at any financial opportunity the ability to perform accurate and realistic analysis is imperative. In today's ever-changing business environment the capability to write simple spreadsheets is not enough. You have to be able to incorporate all the "what if" scenarios and stress any proposal to its limits. A well-structured financial model can facilitate and improve the reliability and quality of your decision-making.

 Course Objectives

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

Understand the different types of financial models and when each should be applied
Construct financial models making use of a broad range of Excel methods and techniques
Incorporate elements such as risk, sensitivity, optimisation and forecasting into financial models
Produce meaningful management reports and charts for communication

Course Outline

Opening and closing Excel files
Excel screen menu and standard toolbar
Auto fill
Moving around a worksheet
Moving around the sheets in a workbook
Creating files
Deleting files and individual sheets
Changing column width and row height
Entering simple formulas
Entering labels
Cell referencing
Centring titles and merging cells
Simple cell formatting
Number formats
Changing font sizes and colours
Copy, cut and pasting cell contents
Inserting graphic objects
Custom views
Previewing worksheets
Printing documents and ranges

E-Reader Not Included

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