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Business Financial Modelling and Forecasting - Lagos

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Course Overview

A financial model is a quantitative representation of an organisation’s past, present, and future business operations.  Financial models serve as the foundation and basis of standard financial accounting reports, including the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement, and the Statement of Cash Flows. All type of organisations and companies use financial models every day to analyse and plan their business activities. This course will give you a firm understanding of the steps involved in building financial models and you should know how to use Excel to put that understanding to work in the form of a working financial model. This course is designed for managers, accounting managers, auditors and accounting officers both in the public and private sector, who wish to work in a more efficient computerised environment in order to improve performance within the organisation.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course delegates have a better understanding of:

How to build the Master Budget, the Operating Budget and the Financial Budget
Building the consolidated financial statements: Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement; and free cash flows.
Analysing a financial model by using sensitivity analysis to test the assumptions underlying the financial model, contribution margin analyses to assess the fixed and variable cost elements of an organisation’s cost structure, and the financial ratio analysis to measure important financial ratios.

Course Outline

The Master Budget
Overview of Budgets and Financial Models
Operating Budget – Assumptions, Sales, and Collections
Operating Budget – Cost of Goods Sold, Inventory, and Purchases
Operating Budget – Operating Expenses
Operating Budget – Income Statement
Financial Budget – Capital Budget and Cash Budget
Financial Budget – Balance Sheet
Financial Statements and Free Cash Flows
Consolidated Financial Statements
Free Cash Flows and Dashboard
Analysis of a Financial Model
Sensitivity Analysis
Contribution Margin Analysis
Financial Ratios Analysis

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