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Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Managers

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Start DateVenue1 Week2 Weeks

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Request a dateDubai 7,000 N/A

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Course Overview

This course is ideal for anyone in a management position who needs to mentor and / or coach people to perform better. This is a performance coaching and mentoring skills course and is relevant for new managers or managers wishing to refresh and up-date their skills in this crucial area of performance management. The days of autocratic leadership are over and managers need to understand how their people are motivated to act, how they like to be managed, developed, empowered, recognised and rewarded. Coaching is not just for sports people and if delivered with skill, ensures peak performance from each and every team member. Mentoring is the best practice approach to share knowledge and skills and to develop someone beyond the confines of a training programme. The course will be fun, challenging and fully interactive and supported by presentations, demonstrations, interactive discussions, debate, group work and individual tasks. A comment on role-plays…. you won’t be made to perform or made to feel uncomfortable at any time. You will of course practice coaching but not on the stage and not in the spotlight. This is about great learning with like-minded professionals in a fun environment!

Course Objectives

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

Understand and apply the key benefits and applications of effective coaching
Know when to apply coaching and mentoring for maximum positive effect
Learn how to embed a coaching culture within established performance management processes
Learn the fundamentals of excellent coaching e.g. listening skills, questioning skills
Take away ready-to-use tools, models and approaches for effective coaching
Make coaching your default approach to a wide range of interactions
Learn a number of coaching models so that you find the right one for you
Deliver effective 1:1 meetings, review meetings, development meetings and appraisals
Take away a robust approach to performance management
Pass ownership and accountability to empower the coachee, mentee
Apply a new approach to people development, talent management and succession planning

Course Outline

What is coaching and what makes a great coach?
The difference between coaching and mentoring
Coaching in sport and applying the techniques to business
Observation skills, giving feedback and positioning the coaching
SMART action planning
GROWTH coaching
The PESOS model for effective mentoring
Asking great questions / facilitating versus leading or controlling
A range of coaching models and approaches
Understanding the coachee – meta-programmes and motivations
Working with beliefs and values
Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI)
The value of psychometric tools – a useful debate
Making sure we achieve accountability, responsibility and ownership in the right place

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