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Consultative Objection Handling Skills for Sales Professionals

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Course Overview

If you work in a customer services, public services, sales, management or leadership position, you routinely need to handle objections from people who simply do not say “Yes” as easily as you would hope. If you need to deal with objections in a positive and professional manner, this course is for you. If you need to overcome challenges in pressurised circumstances, the course will give you the skills, competencies and confidence to handle any situation, including those where conflict is present.  The course will be fun, challenging and fully interactive and supported by presentations, demonstrations, interactive discussions, debate, group work and individual tasks. The workshop will include plenty of opportunity to practice in a safe environment, but don’t worry, you won’t be forced to perform or made to feel uncomfortable at any time. This is about great learning with like minded professionals in a fun environment!

Course Objectives

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

Understand what an “objection’ is and why they happen
Learn how we can minimise them early in the sales process
Learn how to welcome them and convert them into selling opportunities
Learn and apply a robust objection handling model with skill and confidence
Work with a range of personality types
Understand the truth about body language
Unlock the power of emotional intelligence
Learn how to work with a range of convincer patterns
Understand empathy versus sympathy
Build rapport through positioning
Learn how to reduce conflict and tension
Remove the fear of objections including the “too expensive” objection

Course Outline

Consultative selling and where objections fit in
The root cause of objections
Motivations of the objector
The importance of beliefs and values
Treating people with RESPECT in sales behaviours 
A robust professional model for objection handling
Personality types, body language, convincer patterns
Reacting to traffic lights
Transactional Analysis – Parent / Adult / Child
The power of emotional intelligence
Using objections to make sales and close deals

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