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Defence Strategic Management

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Request a dateLondon 2,600 3,850
Request a dateLondon 2,600 3,850
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Request a dateLondon 2,600 3,850

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Course Overview

This course is designed to enhance strategic management at the corporate and strategic level across defence and especially for officers and civil servants with the responsibility of making top level decisions with the MOD.

Course Objectives

  • To encourage greater self awareness and understanding of the interaction between leader and the ‘team’ within a context of contemporary thinking
  • To explore the corporate environment in which defence is managed and examine the attributes and concepts required to deliver solutions to the strategic challenges
  • To examine examples that both maximises and limits the potential performance of board/top team
  • To give participants the opportunity to exchange leadership experiences
  • To reflect and consider future developmental needs

Course Outline

  • Clarifying your own objectives, in the context of your role and organisation
  • Building personal style and confidence for impact and influence
  • Managing yourself and your time
  • Planning and prioritising activities
  • Enhancing personal motivation
  • Managing relationships with peers, staff and superiors
  • Handling conflict and confrontation
  • Coping with stress, anxiety and pressure
  • Managing change in the dynamic modern marketplace
  • Hiring and training the right people
  • Identifying organizational challenges and developing plans of action to address them
  • Key sources of knowledge for professional effectiveness
  • Outcomes and Benefits of Effective Mentoring Relationships
  • Using a structured process for making good decisions
  • Understanding the criteria for making decisions in uncertain times
  • Determining accountability for decisions made facing uncertainty
  • Understanding your heuristics and biases when making decisions

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