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Developing Executive Management Capacity - Lagos

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Request a date - Feb 03 2017Lagos5 days₦ 262,500
Request a date - Jul 07 2017Lagos5 days₦ 262,500

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Course Overview

Most people need to be trained to reach their full potential in the workplace. This Course will help executive managers to identify and develop core competencies leading to improved performance.

Course Objectives

  • Delegate and empower effectively so employees complete tasks at a high level and on time
  • Motivate and coach using proven, problem-solving techniques to gain cooperation and commitment from your staff
  • Manage your time and your department’s time by setting priorities, minimizing unproductive activities and getting out of crisis mode
  • Enhanced understanding of the leadership skills required to be an effective senior manager through the use of a 360 degree feedback process
  • Heightened sense of self-awareness about their own leadership style
  • Developed a greater awareness of good practice in people management
  • Have an increased capacity to lead change and an enhanced understanding of the experience and skills of other senior colleagues

Course Outline

The leadership styles we will look at include:

  • Autocratic leadership
  • Bureaucratic leadership
  • Charismatic leadership
  • Democratic leadership or Participative leadership
  • Laissez-faire leadership
  • People-oriented leadership or Relations-Oriented leadership
  • Servant leadership
  • Task-oriented leadership
  • Transactional leadership
  • Transformational leadership


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