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Effective Institutional and Organisational Development Lagos

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Request a date - Jan 13 2017London1 week 2,600

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Course Overview

The course is designed for senior managers across various professions. It addresses modules that tackle the rationale, principles, and processes of institutional and organizational change. It discusses the various constraints and challenges that confront a change manager and the means to effectively address them.

Course Objectives

  •  Understand the importance of managing change to improve performance; 
  •  Differentiate institutions from organizations; 
  •  Describe the basic procedures for identifying and resolving institutional/organizational constraints 
  • Have acquired tools to analyze organizations as open systems: understanding organizations in relation to their environment 
  • Be able to analyze and assess the performance of an organization in a systematic way 
  • How to identify and decide on strategies for improving organizational capacity 
  • Identify and explain key lessons from actual experiences in change management programs within developing country perspective

Course Outline

  • The historical roots of OD 
  • An overview of common approaches
  •  Personal assessment and goal-setting, using a framework of OD competencies 
  • Transparency, Corporate Social Responsibility and compliance: The role of ethics in organizational development 
  • Transformation and strategic change management 
  • Creating a culture of continuous improvement and alignment around shared goals 
  • Planning and implementation of organization development processes » Making change easier and faster 
  • Enhancing the quality and speed of decisions 
  • Making conflict constructive instead of destructive

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