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Effective Negotiation and Mediation Skills - Lagos

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Course Overview

Negotiation is a key skill for professionals. Through negotiation, individuals gain the ability to increase value in numerous aspects of their work by increasing the effectiveness of their communication skills and persuasiveness. Other benefits of being a skilled negotiator include a voiding being cheated, being able to counteract difficult negotiators and their tactics and know when and how to walk away from a negotiation.

Course Objectives

Build a stronger base, helping you to improve the outcome of deals

Develop analytical tools and frameworks for understanding and winning in more sophisticated negotiations

Acquire hands-on practice enabling you to strengthen weak pionts

Describe the basic principles of the negotiating and influencing process

Develop a range of techniques and skills aimed at improving performance

Apply these skills in a wide range of situations

Course Outline

Effective negotiation

What does it mean to negotiate?

The Four Phase Model of negotiating

Defining the Negotiation Environment

Conducting a principled negotiation

Standards for principled negotiation

Planning Wise Negotiation Outcomes

Forming a negotiation preparation plan

Setting the stage for successful negotiation

Going Head-to-Head with "Hardball" Negotiators

The Psychology of Successful Negotiation

Preparing for successful negotiation

Questioning, listening and influencing

Understanding behaviour and real power

Closing the deal that works for you

Using principled negotiation for conflict resolution

Applying your skills in a life-like case study


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