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Enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility Through Effective Brand Management

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Course Overview

This course will suit those who are interested in pursuing a career in product management or who want to learn more about the field of product management, product team leaders, product development or new product development managers, marketing managers, marketing strategy managers, and those who want to learn how to more effectively work with their product management counterparts, new product development team members and project managers. It is our aim through the delivery and facilitation of this course to help each delegate enhance their ability to set priorities, measure results, communicate the value of CSR efforts across the organization and how the brand can use social media (etc.) as an effective channel to communicate her CSR initiatives. 

Course Objectives

Specifically, the expected learning outcomes include, but are not limited to:

Aligning social responsibility strategies and goals with organizational objectives
Building a robust brand management strategy for your product(s)
Learn to build and manage your brand equity
Brand architecture and communications: corporate brands
Develop strategies to sustain brands
Link with brand communications and overall strategy and objectives

Course Outline

Creating competitive advantage through CSR
Assess risks and opportunities before making capital investments or other business decisions
Align CSR strategies with organizational goals and capabilities
Evaluate current initiatives and consolidate efforts around key objectives
Present a business case for CSR initiatives
Implement CSR at all levels of the company
Understand how CSR directly affects current and future regulatory practices
Foster successful interaction with key internal and external stakeholders as well as governments and nongovernmental organizations
Driving Social Responsibility Throughout the Organization
Embedding CSR within the business culture to sustain the strategy over the long term
Building CSR expertise through hiring and partnerships
Integrating social responsibility metrics into general performance management systems
Disseminating information on CSR policies throughout the organization
Demonstrating how CSR practices continue to affect individuals and departments
Communicating the impact of social responsibility to capital markets, shareholders, and other stakeholders
Reputation Management and Corporate Social Responsibility
The importance of good memorable brand experience
Building brand narratives
From commodity to brand experience – what coffee can teach us
Best practice in managing brand experience
Co-creation of ideas
The basics of brand communications
How brands are reaching out to consumers via the Web and mobile platforms: role of Twitter and Facebook
Enhancing CSR through effective media relations
External brand communications: corporate advertising; product advertising social media: YouTube presence, Facebook, Twitter etc.; sponsorship; events; third party advocacy; direct marketing; blogs, online communities, podcasts; role of social bookmarking
Archetypes and branding
Brand values and the growing influence of strategic CSR
Brands with successful CSR strategies
Embracing CSR as integral to the brand concept
CSR brand metrics and reputation

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