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Essential Marketing Skills for People in Sales

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Course Overview

Over the years, businesses have suffered when marketing and sales teams refuse to integrate their activities. While human idiosyncrasies and ego cannot be overruled in this unfortunate situation, limited understanding of the strategic roles but disciplines play in businesses is also an issue. One of the best descriptions of the relationship between sales and marketing has been the relationship between airforce and ground troop in a war situation.

This course will allow participants not only to understand that the marketing “airforce” clears the way for the ground troop to move in, but it will also expose participants to the minds of the air raid team removing all obstacles to a mutually-benefitting relationship between sales and marketing.

Course Objectives

  • Participants will enhance their knowledge and understanding of the relationship between sales and marketing.
  • How that relationship can be harnessed for positive results at all time.
  • How to apply relevant marketing methods to improve on their delivery.

Course Outline

The course will look at the following areas:

  • Sales era and marketing era
  • Selling concepts and Marketing concepts
  • How sales and marketing work together
  • Bringing marketing strategies to life through sales
  • Thinking like a marketer, acting like a salesman
  • Obtaining marketing supports for sales activities
  • Demystifying marketing jargons
  • Marketing principles in the sales channels
  • Managing brands in sales activities
  • Cases studies on how marketing and sales have been linked for business success
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