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Finance for Marketing Managers - Lagos

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Request a date - Jun 17 2016Lagos3 days₦ 126,000

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Course Overview

We are living through a global recession which has only recently shown the first tentative signs of abating in a few major economies. In difficult times businesses struggle to make sales and because of a combination of ignorance and desperation they fail to use effective marketing tools and frequently adopt pricing and discounting policies that prevent them generating the profits and cashflow they need to survive and thrive.

Course Objectives

Strong profits and cashflow are built on a sound understanding of business costs, break-even point and effective marketing and pricing strategies. This course explains how these key components fit together and will equip the delegate with the skills to produce strong profit and cashflow.

Course Outline

• Accounting principles and financial statements:
• Accounting concepts, principles, policies and GAAP
• Preparing and understanding the Profit & Loss Account, the Balance Sheet and the Cashflow Statement
• Improving cashflow by effective working capital management:
• The vital difference between profit and cashflow
• Business funds flow and the “trade cycle”
• Understanding “working capital” and why it is so important
• Practical tips to manage working capital and improve cashflow
• Analysing financial statements and measuring performance:
• What financial statements can and cannot tell you about a business
• Understanding how businesses produce strong financial returns
• How great businesses make great profits
• Pricing for strong margins and profit:
• Understanding fixed costs and variable costs
• Gross margins and break-even
• The pros and cons of some common pricing strategies
• Discounting: be sure you know what you’re giving away
• Understanding how and where marketing costs affect margins and profit
• Using smart pricing to improve profit
• Appraising and selecting cost effective marketing campaigns:
• Using project break-even analysis
• Using discounted cashflow analysis for major campaigns
• Critical success factors and KPI’s for marketing


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