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Financial Crime and Money Laundering - Lagos

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Course Overview

Financial crime and money laundering have become the biggest challenges in today’s banking. Banks and financial institutions are in continuous threat of gangs attempting to get access to millions of bank customers’ accounts, and the Bank itself.  Good knowledge and skills to combat financial crime and money laundering are very important, as the techniques employed are becoming more and more engineered with different variants in order to succeed in their goal of defrauding financial institutions and their customers. 

Course Objectives

  • Understanding what financial crime is and how it works
  • Developing the skills, techniques and practices used in the identification of possible cases of financial crime
  • Understanding the regulations around financial crime and money laundering
  • Creating a range of skills, techniques and practices that can be used within the procedures to combat financial crime
  • Understanding what money laundering is and the different schemes used
  • Identifying suspicious transactions and what steps to take
  • When and how to report a suspicious transaction
  • How to implement a money laundering policy

Course Outline

  • The nature, types and consequences of financial crime
  • Legislation on crimes in financial markets and systems
  •  Interpol and the FATF
  • What is forgery and counterfeit money and the origin of money laundering
  •  Forgeries used to defraud financial institutions
  • Risks and consequences of theft
  •  Identity theft in financial institutions
  •   Fraud – preconditions and types
  • Responsibility for fraud prevention and detection
  • Rational for technology-based crime
  • Hacking, Malware, Phishing, Pharming
  • The money laundering process
  • Anti-money laundering legislations
  • Money laundering schemes
  •  The reporting procedure – function of the MLRO
  • Money laundering awareness and training


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