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Financial Planning for Executive Managers

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Request a dateLondon 2,600 4,000
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Request a dateUSA 2,600 4,000

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Course Overview

In today's highly volatile environment, estimating future costs and revenues is critical for justifying investment decisions! Gain state-of-the-art forecasting tools and modelling techniques that will help you analyse financial data predict revenues and costs assess the risk inherent in your forecasts effectively report the forecasting results to management and improve corporate decision making This course is designed for managers who have the responsibility of making effective financial decisions. Managers with non-financial background will also benefit from the course.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course delegates will have a better understanding of:

How to make better use of information such as balance sheet and P&L
How to make use of finance related information
How to make effective financial decisions
How to make the most of your working capital and your budgets
What are the key factors involved in costing, pricing and managing margins

Course Outline

Understanding your role and how it fits with the finance function (and the finance director)
The difference between management accounts and the statutory financial reports of a company
Understanding and Presenting Financial Statements
Analysing and presenting financial information
Interpreting and analysing financial statements
Evaluating the Financial Health of your Organisation
Spotting the warning signs - monitoring cash flow
Organisational appraisal through financial analysis
Appraising a project: discounted cash flows
Measuring risk and return
Sources of Finance
The various sources of finance available to a company and their relative advantages and disadvantages
Evaluating investment options
Investment, Asset value  and Return on investment
EVA - Economic Value Added
The Use of Financial Budgets - Strategic Costing
The impact that activity based costing, marginal costing and full costing have on profit

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