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HR For Non HR Managers - Lagos

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Request a date - Mar 22 2016Lagos2 days₦ 105,000
Request a date - Jun 21 2016Lagos2 days₦ 105,000

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Course Overview

Every manager irrespective of areas of specialty and department, with responsibility for recruiting and managing staff members requires an understanding of the basics of Human Resource best practice in order get the best out of their team members and avoid employment legislation pitfalls. This course provides practical knowledge and tools to enable managers to tackle basic HR issues themselves

Course Objectives

  • Skills to build a foundation in key personnel and HR concepts and relate them to ‘best fit’ in your own organisation
  • Knowledge of better working relationships with others in your organisation through a greater appreciation of the overall picture
  • Dynamic skills in  team development through successful selection interviewing and effective appraisal techniques
  • Capability to evaluate the effectiveness of your HR practice and see where improvements can be made

Course Outline

Work within the confines of employment law

  • Understand basic employment rights and employer responsibilities
  • Ensure that the law is used to secure the organisational outcomes you need
  • Avoid being the slave to employment lawyers
  • Have the opportunity of a question and answer session with an experienced expert

Plan to ensure that you attract the best candidates to your organisation and select them objectively and effectively:

  • Understanding of job design and selection criteria
  • Realising the advantages and limitations of interviewing
  • Sampling objective assessment methods

Make best use of the supervision process
Address the biggest single problem facing line managers - sickness absence:

  • Knowing what is a reasonable level of sickness
  • How to manage sick staff firmly but fairly
  • Dealing with the most challenging cases
  • What your rights as an employer should be

Deal with difficult employees:

  • How to manage a disciplinary investigation
  • Poor performers
  • Grievances and harassment
  • A checklist for disciplinary action
  • Develop an HR strategy to take your organisation forward

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