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Human Capital Performance Improvement (HCPI) Audit

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Course Overview

In today’s economy, training of employees is more important than ever as organizations cope with needing to increase revenue and maintain quality and capacity with a lean workforce. Most organizations must accomplish their training goals with a limited training budget, making the return on investment of every amount of money spent on training even more critical. This course is therefore aimed at helping each delegate acquire the components needed to implement and measure continuous performance improvement in the workforce aligned with achieving the business goals of each organization.

Course Objectives

Developing insight into various facts of HR Audit and thus make the HRM function business oriented
Aligning HRM processes with the business goals of the organisation
Build the skills participants would require to do HR Audit independently
Understanding the various aspects of Balanced Scorecard
Using the Balance Scorecard as a strategy execution tool for enhancing the overall productivity of the organisation
Understanding the organisational performance models and diagnose the reasons for the lack of performance in an organisation
Evaluating the current status of HRM function in an organisation

Course Outline

The new human capital management model
Data for management
Two aspects of human capital
What human resources can learn from finance
People and information
Data-to-value cycle
The ROI race
Points of measurement
Human Capital’s Contribution: Measurement
Human-Financial Interface
The H in Human Capital
Human Capital Enterprise Scorecard
Quantitative and Qualitative
Human Capital Performance Evaluation
Human Capital Scorecard
Human Capital Accounting
Performance Valuation
Review of Employee Benefits
Benefits Program and Contract Management
Benefits Finance and Systems
Benefits Organizational Culture
Employee Discipline and Appeals
Opportunities for Improvement
Performance Appraisal
Acting and Observing
Finding and Using Documents and Organisational Evidence
Collecting and Recording Qualitative Data
Analysing Qualitative Data
Collecting and Recording Quantitative Data
Analysing Quantitative Data
Review of Recruitment and Training
Improvements in progress
Training needs and evaluation
Labour relations
Assessment of Timeliness Standards, Complete and Consistent Data
Making Recommendations


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