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International Procurement Function

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Course Overview

Many corporations realize that in order to be successful and competitive, an expanded focus for this area is necessary. However, procurement activities on an international scale have unique considerations of which many of us may not be aware. Discusses several important developments in an effort to broaden our understanding in this area. Although somewhat diverse in nature, the underlying current is that the development of relationships is necessary in the international environment.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course delegates will learn:

The changing role of procurement in a globalising world economy
The use of off- shoring and sourcing from Low Cost Countries
The impact on procurement practice
The benefits and risks of international procurement 

Course Outline

Trends in the global market 
The globalisation of the international supply market
Globalisation of trade in the world
what is happening to different economic regions?
The roles of the WTO and GATT
The effect on the world trade system
The use of international standards 
A review of the significant cultural differences and attitudes toward trade and markets
How different cultures trade 
The use of agents
Logistics risk
Legal frameworks
Modes of transport
The role of freight forwarders, import brokers, agents, distributors and overseas representatives
The regulatory framework for international procurement 
Practicalities of international procurement
The culture and language issues
International supply chain issues 

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