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Leading and Managing Virtual and Remote Teams

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Start DateVenue1 Week2 Weeks

Aug 28 2017London 2,300 3,750
Nov 27 2017Dubai 2,300 3,750

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Course Overview

This course is designed to help you build and lead successful virtual and remote teams to maintain success in the global workplace; Diagnose and handle the unique risks of managing global projects and services; Manage the collaboration elements that work best for you and your team; Adapt your management style to meet the unique demands of global team leadership; Build a team identity and sense of purpose; Design customized tools and procedures that fit your team's skills and locations.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to utilize unique virtual team members’ characteristics to promote productivity
  • Create a truly cohesive team
  • Build trust and enhance risk-taking and creativity
  • Apply effective communication channels to achieve desired team relationships and goals
  • Become a successful virtual coach

Course Outline

  • What virtual team members want from their team leader
  • How to effectively unify the virtual team’s culture and relationship
  • Methods to build trust and overcome team-busting behaviours in virtual teams
  • Key elements of successful virtual communication channels and cross-cultural interactions
  • How to set, define, organize, communicate and reinforce performance goals
  • Approaches to motivate and recognize virtual team performance
  • How to identify roles and concerns of this reality
  • The Virtual Team Process Model
  • To recognize paradigms and their impact on remote teams
  • Effectively managing remote communication behaviours
  • How to facilitate team longevity, productivity and goals

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