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Let's Get Real Or Let's Not Play - Reality and Transparency in Sales

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Course Overview

Selling carries a lot of negative baggage. No matter how we package “selling” it still gets defined as “doing something to someone” rather than “ doing something “for” or “with” someone. Customers are afraid that they will be sold to, that they will be unfairly persuaded or pay too much or suffer buyers remorse. Sales people are afraid that they won’t sell enough, hit their targets, earn their bonus. This course aims to clear the way for reality based selling. Honesty, transparency, openness and realism taking away all of the pressures, fears, concerns and barriers of selling and being sold to. As the title suggests - this course suggests that we can achieve so much more by “getting real” with our prospects, customers and clients, and ask them for the same, or agree that we simply “shouldn't play”. A refreshing course giving you a new way of approaching sales. A new way of looking at sales for new and experienced sales people who want to break out of accepted methods and routines. A sales course for people brave enough to reinvent their approach to sales.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

Approach their selling activity with new vigour and confidence
Surprise and delight their prospects, customers, clients with a new refreshing approach
Breathe new life into existing relationships by re-positioning the approach
Set new objectives, new agendas and agree new outcome levels
Raise the bar to a new level of honesty, integrity and respect
Achieve greater results than ever before by applying new approaches and techniques
Engage in different conversations based on “getting real” and “helping clients succeed”

Course Outline

Where is “selling” in the current and near future market place?
We all want the same thing but what is it that we want?
EQ versus IQ in selling - emotions versus logic
The amazing power of intent versus technique
Removing the guessing game on both sides of the table
Slowing down for Amber Traffic Lights
Using the ORDER approach for successful, sustainable selling
The decision making process
Helping clients succeed

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