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Management Accounting Fundamentals

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Request a dateDubai 2,600 3,600

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Course Overview

This course has been designed for delegates who desire a substantial grounding in the fundamentals of management accounting in different organisations and environments. During the course you will examine different approaches to issues and problems in management accounting. You will explore how to communicate management accounting information effectively and appropriately. Spreadsheets, information and communication technologies, and fundamental business mathematics are some of the methods you will use.

Course Objective

  • How to apply your knowledge and understanding of management accounting accurately to a range of issues, questions and problems.
  • Techniques to evaluate and interpret management accounting in a range of contexts. How to describe, apply, analyse and synthesise management theory, and economic theory and practice in relation to business management.
  • Explore relevant theory to the real-world business problems through analytical approach.
  • The basic concepts on management accounting and how to apply the same in practices at intermediate and advanced level.

Course Outline

  • The principles, practices, techniques and limitations of management accounting
  • The quantitative methods used in management accounting and managerial finance
  • Management theory and practice
  • Economic theory in relation to business management.
  • Management of Cash
  • Management of Receivables
  • Management of Inventory
  • Overview of Working Capital
  • Financing Working Capital
  • Estimation of Working Capital Requirements
  • Methods of determining working capital

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