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Practical Counselling Techniques - Lagos

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Request a date - Feb 01 2017Lagos3 days₦ 126,000
Request a date - Jul 07 2017Lagos3 days₦ 126,000

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Course Overview

This course focuses on the different theories behind counselling techniques and their application during the counselling process. You will learn about the key principles and applications of different theoretical approaches to counselling. We hope through this course to offers a simple framework to improve interpersonal communication as well as help you understand why we do what we do (which will provide excellent “tools” to gain good counseling skills).

Course Objectives

At the end of the course delegates will have a better understanding of:

Behaviour and personality – why people behave the way they do
Why people get stuck
How relationships can be improved
Counselling and other forms of individual help
Counselling in the work context
Counselling versus coaching
Counselling versus sympathy
Managers as counsellors
When is counselling appropriate
What sort of problems come up in counselling

Course Outline

Counselling placed into the working context
Recognising signs and when to introduce counselling
Setting the scene - preparing for the counselling interview
Controlling the interview
Active listening and questioning techniques - knowing when to question and when to listen
Empathy and sensitivity
Uncovering problems and introducing a framework to support the problem solving process
Identifying options and solutions including external/internal systems of
Analysis of workplace situations
Practical sessions to develop personal counselling skills

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