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Professional Report Writing

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Start DateVenue1 Week2 Weeks

Request a dateLondon 2,500 3,750
Request a dateLondon 2,500 3,750

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Course Overview

The course is designed to help everyone who has the responsibility of writing professionally for either internal or external consumption. The course content has been pulled together to help each delegate develop the confidence needed to write a document that will be understood as well as generate the desired response.

Course Objectives

Successfully plan and construct documents
Write with increased confidence in a more structured and disciplined manner
Avoid common errors and grammar mistakes that impact on their professional image
Build successful sentences and paragraphs through the use of punctuation
Produce documents which are clear, effective and professional
Write for a specific readership and for different circumstances
Analyze and edit their documents

Course Outline

Basic Grammar Essentials
Business Report Writing
Business Research Report Writing
Business Writing Skills
Editing Skills
Legal Proofreading Skills
Plain English Writing Skills
Polishing and Proofreading Your Writing
How to state your report in an objective and clear Manner
Identifying and planning a clear report structure
Writing so your readers easily identify what they need to know
Building rapport with your readers
Identifying and setting the right tone to suit your audience
How to keep your readers reading to the end of the report
How to make your language flow
The appropriate level of language
Writing with confidence and authoritatively
How use sentence construction effectively
Ensuring your punctuation is logical
How to ensure be grammar does not let you down
How to leave your reader with no doubts about your message.

E-Reader Included.

*Course fee is not inclusive of VAT

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