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Project Life Cycle Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

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Course Overview

The use of projects and project management is becoming more and more important for all kinds of organizations. Businesses regularly use project management to accomplish unique outcomes under the constraints of resources, and project management turn to be one of essential ways of achieving an organization’s strategy. This course addresses the basic nature of managing general projects, not specially focuses on one type of project, no matter construction projects or R&D projects. The course uses the project life cycle as the organizational guideline, and contents will cover the whole process of project management, including project initiation, project planning, project implementation, Project Monitoring and Evaluation and project termination.

Course Objectives

You'll learn the most important project management skills and Techniques
You'll gain practical experience of applying these main techniques
You'll boost your confidence in your ability to plan and manage Projects
You'll gain practical advice, tips and insight from an experienced project manager

Course Outline

Project Selection
Understand the project, the process & the manager
Project Goal & Scope Management
Defining exciting project outcomes
Generating ideas
Project Estimating
Project scheduling
Project resource allocation
Project Leadership
Motivating the project team
Communication as a project management tool
Progress and Performance Measurement and Evaluation
Giving effective feedback
What to do when things are going well
What to do when they're not
Project Termination and Post-evaluation
Moving projects on to a successful outcome

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