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Public Finance Management

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Course Overview

There are changes in what people are being held to account for. It is no longer sufficient to have accounts that show that money has been spent how governments intended. Hence this course is designed for managers responsible for the expenditure side of public financial management and who also look at budgeting, accountability and the changes in financial management.

Course Objectives

  • How public budgeting fits into the macroeconomic framework
  • Apply ideas about accountability to the production of various forms of account for public services and public money
  • How changes in public management require different forms of public accounting
  • Costs and different ways of measuring them and how costs are used in budgets
  • The budget process at national and sub-national levels and the techniques appropriate at different levels
  • Apply budgetary control methods
  • Appreciate how public financial management interfaces with politics and political choices
  • Use financial management to enhance the performance of public organisations

Course Outline

  • The Context of Financial Management
  • Budget Classification and Structure
  • Cost
  • Costing Systems
  • Cost-Volume-Profit Model
  • Absorption or Full cost recovery
  • Accounting and Budgeting at National Level
  • The management and control of budgets
  • Budgeting and Democracy
  • Financial Management and Performance

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