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Public Healthcare Management

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Start DateVenue1 Week2 Weeks

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Request a dateLondon 2,500 3,750

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Course Overview

This healthcare management course will focus on the understanding of contemporary health issues which are influenced by various factors such as economic, social, cultural, political and psychological etc. This course will provide opportunities to explore the nature of health needs and health policy of different government. The course places high priority on health promotion, professional development and management of organisations.

Course Objectives

  • Advanced knowledge in key areas relevant to international healthcare systems, their management and reform
  • Awareness of key leadership and influencing behaviours
  • Knowledge of factors that facilitate complex change management
  • Awareness of the need for forward-looking strategising and innovation in sustaining excellence in healthcare delivery
  • Political and media 'intelligence' and skills in gaining patient and public perspectives and confidence
  • Critical appraisal, reflexive and communication skills to develop managers who understand, practice and promote evidence-based healthcare

Course Outline

  • The policy-making process in health and using this understanding to improve the quality of public decision-making
  • Evaluating ways of improving health system performance in countries across the world, from developed countries to the third world
  • Improving the quality, organisation and management of health services
  • Using economic and epidemiological analysis to guide disease prevention and treatment in areas such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, TB, vaccine-preventable diseases, child health, and cancers
  • Pioneering ways of using routine data to evaluate and improve service quality
  • Understanding the influences on health of individual behaviours including sexual practices, drug use, and gender violence, and evaluating behavioural change interventions
  • Assessing the effect of environmental factors on health, especially climate change, air pollution, housing and transport, and evaluating public health policies in these areas
  • Understanding global influences on health and health systems including the role of transnational companies such as the tobacco industry, and the spread of pandemic diseases


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