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Recruitment and Selection - Lagos

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Request a date - Jan 27 2017Lagos3 days₦ 126,000
Request a date - Jul 28 2017Lagos3 days₦ 126,000

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Course Overview

Managers, supervisors or executives who are involved in the recruitment and selection process and in particular, want to improve thier skills and techniques in conducting successful selection interviews. Anyone who wants to feel confident and in control of selection interviews will benefit.

Course Objectives

  • Understand and identify stages within the recruitment process
  • Undertake behavioural interviews with confidence 
  • Prepare for a selection interview through contructing an effective interview plan
  • Mantain control of the interview through effevtive questioning, listening and observation
  • Understand the legal requirements of recruitment and selection

Course Outline

Recruiting and Selecting the Best People - 

  • Overview of recruiting within the law
  • Understanding the impact of poor selection
  • The benefit and value of a criteria based interview in ensuring you recruit the RIGHT people
  • Your company's success criteria

Interview Preparation - 

  • Creating the right environment
  • Identifying the objectives for the interview selection
  • Your company's success criteria are going to be measured
  • Preparing and designing questions
  • Reviewing CV's: What to look for

Structuring the Interview - 

  • Establishing Rapport
  • Dramatically increase your success rate
  • My code/your code which should i use?
  • The three interview phases
  • Keeping to plan
  • Developing a professional approach

Essential Communications Skills - 

  • Questioning techniques and design
  • The use of open questions and questions to avoid
  • Using probing questions to clarify answers given
  • Using active listening techniques


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