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Regulatory Policy Development and Implementation

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Request a dateLondon 2,600 3,850
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Course Overview

This course has been designed to help each delegate examine theories of regulatory policy development, and analyse existing organizational policies to determine if the necessary issues have been considered and incorporated. You will learn how to influence policy development and change, and write new policy built around the ethical and legal principles. The goal of the course is for each delegate to consider key emergency management and security policy issues globally, nationally, and locally, and determine their linkages and potential impact for emergency management and security responsibilities within their organizations. 

Course Objectives

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

Understand the process of policy development and implementation.
Know the different models of policy.
Implement the principles of policy management.
Effectively participate in policy development, maintenance and design.
Use the information to develop, implement, and evaluate existing policy and policy gaps, by providing input into safety and security policy amendments and new policy development.

Course Outline

The background to policy formulation and implementation
Policy formulation
Policy monitoring & evaluation
Education and training for policy development and implementation
International law, conventions, declarations, national action plans and priorities
Policy development. This will include using the constitution, other relevant legislation, organizational vision & mission as well as organizational culture and values as basis for policy design. Furthermore applying the process for obtaining a well-formed policy.
Policy implementation
Models of Policy
The articulation and role of policy
The basic steps in the process of public policy development
Critical evaluation of public policy text from various perspectives.
Designing a plan for policy management and adjustment with short, medium and long term focus.
Financial aspects of policy development and management.
The strategic effect that a policy has on all other aspects of organizational operations.
The basic principles of policy management and design.

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