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Risk Management after the Subprime Crisis

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Request a dateLondon 2,750 4,200

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Course Overview

This course provides an understanding of the mechanisms that lead to the subprime and the 2007 crisis, and highlights the new rules and regulations that followed, together with the game-changing conditions for financial institutions and regulatory bodies. It shows the areas of weaknesses that were overlooked prior to 2007 in most banks and how or if these weaknesses were later addressed, and how new methods for risk management emerged.

There are no formal prerequisites. 

Course Objectives

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

Understand the banking mechanisms that should have prevented the crisis to occur and to spread
Analyse factors of the 2007 crisis and the comparable crises that could happen again
Understand, within financial institutions, what are the new structures put in place and how these can handle the next crises
Come to a representation of what it takes to manage risks in a post-crisis world

Course Outline

The structure of the subprime market
The financial system, 2007-20xx
Risk management failures
Basel III and other reactive regulation
Risk management techniques beyond regulation

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