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Strategic Communication Management - Lagos

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Request a date - Aug 02 2017Lagos3 days₦ 126,000
Request a date - Nov 03 2017Lagos3 days₦ 126,000

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Course Overview

The course aims to help equip delegates to manage organisations' stakeholder relationships through innovative planned communication, which can be monitored and evaluated. Strategic communications is about creating benign enabling environments for the effective and sustainable implementation of policy, programs, development and reform. It is about attitude, opinion and behaviour and how these can be encouraged, shaped or changed to support and contribute to achieving desired outcomes.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course delegates will be able to:

•    Plan your communications strategy 
•    Align your communications with the organisation's overall strategy 
•    Plan your interventions 
•    Measure the outcomes 
•    Communicate change

Course Outline

•    What we mean by communications strategy 
•    The terminology and the thinking
•    The elements that make up a strategy
•    Managing Resources Efficiently: People, Technology and Budgets
•    Turning these elements into a communications plan
•    Identifying the appropriate channels for your communications
•    Turning Managers into Effective Communicators: Capabilities, Core
Competencies and Performance
•    Building feedback into the system
•    Auditing and surveying your audiences
•    Innovating and Adapting: Responding to a Continuously Changing Environment
•    Accountability: Measuring and Valuing Changes to Reputation, Brand and the Triple Bottom Line
•    Communicating to bring about organisational change

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