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Strategic Thinking: New Models for Managers and Leaders

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Course Overview

This content and value rich course is suitable for middle and senior managers, directors and leaders and will provide fresh approaches to the ability to think strategically and deliver strategic excellence. Clarity, direction, forward motion and direction are some of the key outcomes which will be achieved through exploration, discussion and debate of a series of approaches to strategic thinking. We’ll use the experience of our delegates to work on real life case study and experience and we’ll conduct relevant exercises to bring concepts and theories to life. Standing back from the daily challenges isn’t easy in a pressured environment and this course will give delegates the tools they need to take a “helicopter view” and see things clearly. Clear and objective vision is an enabler of effective strategic planning and this course will deliver exactly that. 

Course Objectives

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

View their people and business with significantly increased clarity
Know, understand and apply a range of strategic thinking models
Achieve clear focus on relevant, topical and potential issues and opportunities
Apply objective approaches to thinking and planning
Conduct effective business and people performance reviews
Efficiently assess, quantify and qualify business and people issues
Construct fully rounded and strategic action plans for success
Share new approaches and business language with colleagues, peers and superiors
Cut through layers of information and efficiently get to root cause analysis
Understand key moments of truth and achieve critical improvements for competitive advantage

Course Outline

What is strategic thinking and how does it differ from the status quo?
The benefits, pitfalls, advantages and disadvantages of thinking strategically
The thoughts of some historic and current strategy thought leaders
De Bono thinking strategies
The six thinking hats
Bicycle strategy
Root cause analysis - the 7 why’s
Moments of Truth Analysis
The model of excellence - can we improve it?
Spiral, comfort, stretch, panic - where are you? where is the business?
The CADILAC strategic thinking model
The importance of CLARITY
Are the 7 habits still relevant?
A pragmatic strategy model for SME’s - does it apply to you?

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