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Strategy and Finance Masterclass - Lagos

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Request a date - May 19 2017Lagos5 days₦ 262,500
Request a date - Jun 30 2017Lagos5 days₦ 262,500
Request a date - Sep 08 2017Lagos5 days₦ 262,500

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Course Overview

“With careful and detailed planning, one can win; with careless planning, one cannot win. How much more certain is defeat if one does not plan at all!” The Chinese general Sun Tzu wrote this in “The Art of War” in 400BC and his advice has never been more relevant than in today’s challenging world. The successful organisation matches its capabilities with the environment and competitive framework in which it operates; a process generally referred to as strategic planning. Executives aiming to operate effectively at the highest levels of organisational management need a thorough understanding of these principles and how, through strategic financial planning, they can be converted in to the financial objectives of the organisation.

Course Objectives

  • Analyse the external framework and competitive environment in which an organisation functions
  • Identify organisational competencies and develop winning strategies
  • Understand and develop financial management strategies
  • Identify key financial objectives for your organisation

Course Outline

Strategic Planning

  • Strategic Direction
  • The Organisation’s Capabilities
  • Developing an Effective Strategy
  • Managing Strategic Change

Strategic Financial Planning

  • Accounting principles and financial statements
  • Improving cashflow by effective working capital management
  • Pricing for strong margins and profit
  • Interpreting financial statements and measuring performance
  • Investment and Project Appraisal
  • Budgeting and Forecasting


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