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Tele-Sales Skills and Tele-Marketing Skills - Lagos

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Course Overview

This course is perfect for anyone involved in selling products or services, conducting surveys or completing marketing research campaigns using the telephone and anyone who needs to clean data or convert suspects to prospects to sales. The course will explore all aspects of using the telephone to influence people and all the issues and opportunities it presents. Tele-sales in all its forms should be fun, rewarding, efficient and conducted with skill, discipline and professionalism. using the telephone with maximum impact requires confidence and practice, and to achieve these you need skills and competencies and you will find them and much more on this course. We will not just focus on us and our skills, we will also focus on the receivers of our calls, their personalities, their perceptions, the barriers they put up and the models and tools we can use to reduce their reluctance to engage with us. Ultimately we will enable our delegates to achieve success and enjoyment from engaging with people on the telephone. We will of course, conduct lots of practice in a safe environment and please be assured, you will not be put in the spotlight, put under pressure or made to feel uncomfortable in any way. This course is about great learning in a safe environment for like minded professional people.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

Adapt style and approach to a range of personality and character types
Appreciate and respect the viewpoint of the call receiver
Understand and work with “gatekeepers” to get to the decision maker
Take away robust models, tools and approaches
Significantly increase skills and confidence
Make tele-sales and telemarketing an enjoyable experience
Become a tele-sales expert
Become a personality type expert
Learn transferrable sales skills and techniques
Implement self management and tracking systems to maximise results

Course Outline

Building the brief, understanding the objectives, getting prepared
Creating a great mental and physical calling environment
Understanding personality types and buying triggers
Having fun with the gatekeeper!
Asking great questions
Pro-active listening skills
The power of summary and playback
Building rapport & empathy
Understanding the A.I.D.A model
Building a call structure
How to approach scripting

E-Reader Not Included.

*Course fee is not inclusive of VAT

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