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Telephone Etiquette and Customer Care for Telephone Support Staff - Lagos

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Request a date - Feb 03 2017Lagos3 days₦ 126,000
Request a date - May 05 2017Lagos3 days₦ 126,000

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Course Overview

Every organisation at one point or the other has to manage their prospective and existing clients over the phone. Every customer calling your organisation should receive a positive and seamless service that is professional, efficient and responsive. Customers who are handled well will notice the good service, bring more business and hopefully build a long term relationship with you. Customers who are not handled well damage your reputation and take their business to the competition.

Course Objectives

  • Prepare yourself before you even take call with proper supplies and tools
  • Open a conversation by ideally getting to the phone within 3 rings and identifying yourself clearly and positively, with a friendly "smile in your voice"
  • Listen carefully by focusing carefully on the caller''s words, tone, and by avoiding interrupting before the other party has finished speaking
  • Target questions carefully to clarify what is needed from the caller and to quickly provide answers to any problems or issues
  • Clarify a caller''s needs by gentle probing and summarizing helps to quickly appreciate what action is needed, from the call
  • Close involves agreeing on any actions and next steps to be taken and always trying to end on a friendly note with the caller

Course Outline

  • Projecting a professional image, building rapport, voice presentation skills.
  • Customer service essentials
  • Understanding the power of the phone and how to use it to influence
  • Call planning and follow up
  • Active listening techniques, hearing the whole picture.
  • Questioning and summarising skills
  • Understand the causes of difficult behaviour
  • Learn how not to take things personally
  • Understand different personalities types
  • How to avoid getting into an argument
  • Handle and defuse verbal aggression
  • Develop ways to deal with difficult people
  • Understand different types of behaviour
  • Understand verbal and non verbal behaviour and its impact
  • Develop assertiveness to reach a win win situation
  • Things you do not do when using the phone

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